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About Us

Our story sparked out of a simple need in 2013. Technological developments on how we interact each other, ability to access tech by masses, economic fluctuations, changing consumer habits, climate change and many more motives.. All inspired us to create Kiraala brand.

Kiraala's founding philosophy includes the principles of sustainability, circular economy and less ownership. Collectively, we own every product. Imagine; someone else already owns the products and services we want to experience. Or, perhaps we pocess the products and services that others want to experience. We believe if we can establish the right connections between people, products and brands, we can access all desired products and services under much more favorable terms.

On our platform, we offer an online marketplace where both individual users and businesses can rent all kinds of products and services to other users for the time, price and conditions they set.

We create a real win-win ecosystem for our stakeholders, owners, renters and brands. On Kiraala, Owners could generate additional income by renting out their idle or less used products to those in need. Renters, on the other hand, can access the products they want to experience, without having to buy them, for the period they want and the budget, and save money.

We also create a new source of income for our brands by the rental model. We connect our brands to brand new customers that they could not reach before. By increasing loyalty, we increase customer lifecycle value and provide recurring and stable revenue opportunities.

We protect the earth by promoting the reusability of all products and goods, and contribute to sustainability and corporate responsibility projects.

We have many more innovation and benefit models in mind that we want to implement into our ecosystem. Your comments, thoughts and suggestions are very valuable to us. For all your questions and suggestions: [email protected]

For all your support requests: [email protected]

To be on our platform as a brand: [email protected]

To discover investment opportunities: You can reach us at [email protected] e-mail addresses.

If you want to join the Kiraala and work with us to help us achieve our goals with your ideas and creativity, you can send your CV to [email protected]. We will definitely try to welcome you for a coffee.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission is to take our customers and customer experience into our focus and offer an online platform that connects supply and demand for rental model under the best conditions, for all kinds of products and services from any category.


Our Values

At Kiraala, some of our corporate values are as follows: Customer and Customer Experience Centered, Exploring and Simplifying, Learning and Curious, Employing the Best – Qualified, High Standards, Thinking Big, Not Hesitating to Take Action and Take Initiative, Confident, Result Oriented, User Friendly, Protecting Nature and Animals



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